Our items for this October 15th – November 10th round of “The Garden” at TLC are out now!
This is our very first bed, and second (third if you count the treehouse) building release and I am sooooo excited!
This event is filled with some amazingly talented creators that I am super honored to participate alongside of!
For the details~
Soft Rustic Double Bed
15 PG
15 Adult anims
& PG only version included
4 land impact
Tintable white base textures (5 tintable bases for the blanket)
& white base textures included for you to customise externally

It is so pretty and I am totally in love with this bed! I hope everyone will enjoy it.
Lovely Lil’ Log Cabin
Kool Doors Included
Fireplace included
14 land impact for the building
2 land impact for the fireplace
16x18m required for placement, scales up wonderfully

Written by Admin Cat

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