As it goes, The Neighbourhood pairs with our Fifty Linden Friday item so well!
This round, we’re offering the gorgeously detailed yet low land impact Provincial Greenhouse for just 200L$ during the sale period!
Approximately 20m x 12m as is, but with the possibility to resize smaller or remove the side gardens to get it lower (9 LI &12×12 without gardens, 10×10 sans gardens is 7 LI and door is still 2.8m tall)
It includes 6 beautiful wood tones, 4 masonry choices, 3 levels of cleanliness for the floor, a scripted Kool door, and Easy Delete script for the texture menu~
Copy, Mod, and as always, 100% original mesh!
Goes to full price after The Neighbourhood is over, so stop by now~

Written by Admin Cat

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