Hi everyone!
As some of you may have heard through my recent group notice, we have big plans in store for the store!
Not only are we participating in the Home & Garden Expo that begins tomorrow at noon SLT, but we’re actually using parts of our brand new store rebuild to display there! We’ll be bringing you a much more open and atmospheric shopping experience.
Some of the big changes that are happening are that we are looking into more rewards like if you spend so much at our store, you’ll get a % off future purchases inworld, lucky chairs, and a 25-50% (and in some cases, more) permanent price slash on older products to bring them in line with current pricing practices. Maybe also a picks profile reward system!
We’ve already begun the latter part of the planning, and have reduced the many items significantly in price, so if you’ve held off on them, now is the time!
Hanging Mason-Jar Candles: 70L$
Basket Muffins: 65L$
House Plants: 75L$
Dark Wooden Books on a Shelf: 95L$
Rustic 4 Books on a Shelf Pack: 165L$
Candle Upon Books Prop: 45L$
Bookcases A or B Styles: 85L$
Bookcases C/D/E Pack: 145L$
Study Books: 125L$
Torch (Wearable): 65L$
Candle & Regular Torches (Standing+Wall): 75L$
Horned Candelabra: 95L$
Horned Wall Torch: 95L$
Horned Table Torch: 65L$
Horned Chandelier: 145L$
Individual (NonScripted) Giant Casks: 50L$
Multi(Texturechange) Giant Cask: 175L$
Multi(Texturechange) Cask Rack: 165L$
Vase of Flowers: 65L$
Rustic Lantern Post: 195L$
Rustic Wall Lantern: 155L$
Hide Tanning Rack: 115L$
Wells (Covered+Uncovered): 110L$
Worn Washing Bucket – 35L$
Braziers (Tall(Thin) & Short) Ember & Logs: 125L$
Apple/Orange/Lemon Barrels: 65L$
Coffee/Blackwine Set: 155L$
Pitcher Set: 155L$
Market Crates: 95L$ for 3 packs, 300L$ for 13 pack.
Dark Wash Basin: 185L$
Furthermore, to customers who have purchased any of the products within the past 30 days and so desire it, we’re offering store credit in the difference of the price. So please check your transaction histories, and if you have purchased any of these items since the 23rd of April, look to my inworld profile and use the email address to send the following info:
Customer Name
Purchase Date
Original Purchase Price
Current Price
I do not need any codes, my vendor system stores it all. If you do not send in the email with the aforementioned info, I will not be able to give you your store credit. Please, no notecards. They absolutely will not be read, email me.
All prices should be current and reflected not only on the SL Marketplace, but our inworld store
Hope to see you stopping by soon & at our Expo display on sim 1!
Anke & co.

Written by Admin Cat

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