Fireplaces are done, all we can say to that is “Fucking finally.”

We have spent a week working out the kinks and quirks to these things, and I cut them down to 4 options and 3 varieties. Grate style 1 and 2 are sold separately, and a corner version has only grate style 2 as I think the style 1 didn’t look good.

They’re copyable, and the smokestacks are also mod but separate prim incase you don’t want it. They have options for light emission or sound emission or not. 265L$ each option. I am still working on their advertisements so they’re in-store only at the moment. The smokestack is 1 prim, and the fireplaces are each 3 prims, please note if you resize the smokestack big enough it may increase in prim count!

You’ll see them as soon as you enter the store, straight on back. =) Perfect to couple with our 30L$ Saturday item and our hunt item, both which start tomorrow!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?