It is now 4am and I have been working on them for about 16 hours, so please forgive me for any nonsense that comes out. I’ll try to explain it all as best I can.
First, my most favorite and important release I am anxious to tell you about!
Today we released the first part of our “Quaint Tavern Set”
This tavern set is currently being sold in 3 parts, each for 295L$
Their perms are copy & mod, and all pieces are at minimum, texture change to 3x wood.
The hearth also has an additional 5x stones for each the lining and the backing.
All of the seating (chairs+barstools) have many options for males & females in solo poses, as well as a great array of couples, and a handful of naughty poses too!
Of course, each chair/barstool is also offered in PG version for those who require it.
Prim costs are as follows:
Chairs+Barstools = 2 LI each
Tables = 1 LI each
Bar = 1 LI
Bar Storage = 3 LI
Hearth = 5 LI
Hearth Bonus Deco = 1 LI each
Also released today as a part of the special Trick or Treat 25L$ Tuesdays event,
Our “Branch Wall Rack” with a pretty hanging scarf!
Just 1 LI and 25L$ only until 11:59pm!
As a bonus part of the Trick or Treat round, we’re also giving away… totally FREE..
“Pumpkiny Candy Bowl”!
1 LI only, and dispenses wearable candies!
The catch? You must wear your trick-or-treat bag!
Pick a copy up from our group notices.
Since the event is over, you can find it on the countertop of our “Quaint Tavern Bar” – just click it for candy, or click the sign hanging on the bar for a copy to bring home!
Just follow the green arrows!

Written by Admin Cat

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