We finally got around to replacing the borrowed trees we were using around our main store!
I am so excited to share with you our latest labor of love, mesh trees~
We have for offer a 5 pack of them at a mere 650L$, each coming with 2 bark options (a whiteish tone and a darker one) – both gently dusted in moss. As well, each comes with a texture change menu for 6 foliage textures, taking you through a bright spring green to all of the wonderful tones of late summer & fall.
Each tree is 3 prims, which may initially seem like a lot for trees which cap out at 13m tall unmodified, but please take into consideration that they are baked & shadowed and feature much more geometry for a more organic look than some of the other exceptionally low prim offers out there. I hope you’ll find this balance pleasing.
You can find these not only at our main store, but also our Marketplace store for easy & quick shopping. Additionally, they’re in all affiliate and secondary market locations automatically, so you have no excuses! 😀

Written by Admin Cat

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