Hello all 😀

We finished some more stuff, but things you might not expect… Outdoor tiny garden plots – little ones perfect for a home. They’re sectioned off and super duper low prim (1 each only!) so you can have many of them without much cost. Lined in our rustic wood, they’d also look wonderful with our lanterns hanging in your garden too!

Here is their advertisements, and for limited time only (25L$ Tuesday Special) on the 15th of May they will be for sale for 25L$ only, and never again! Only the carrot version though.

Turnishes are also… turnip/raddish hybrids, they just looked like a good idea. Ferns seemed like an odd thing to put in one, but it’s decorative and could even be used indoors if desired, it was more experimentation than anything else.

Without further ado~

As an extra special gift to you all, the Small Fern Garden is also a freebie! But this awesome freebie is only available in-world in our store, so if you want it you’ll need to visit our Main Store in Neyo.

They’re only 145L$ Each with copy permissions, and approximate footprint of 2.5×1.5 and not even .75 tall in most cases. You can view them in-world in the back of the store.

Written by Admin Cat

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