Such a mouthful with all those T’s, but here it is! Our Twinkling Twiggy Tree~
The perfect little forest or backyard accent for a cute home, this regionwide texture change tree includes soft glowies within its boughs.
It is just enough to fill up a little accent area with whimsy, all with low cost to your land impact budget!
Only one mesh tree is included, but rotating and resizing can give you a full look.
The latest 25L$ Tues item, on sale for this week only. ♥
Includes 8 texture options from Summery greens, to Autumn hues, and fantasy tones too.
Only 1 land impact for the default 5m tall size. 6.25m size is 2 LI, and 7.5m tall is 3 LI. 
Resizing further will continue to increase land impact, please use caution!

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Written by Admin Cat

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