Three new items, and one is free for you this evening~
The new releases can be found only at our main store, but will arrive on MP & multi-panel vendors soon.
The hunt item is only at the 30L$ Saturdays Midsummer Fair hunt.
I have another new Garden Plot for you today! The Potato plant is something very highly requested, and here it is! 145L$, Copyable, & Fully 3D detailed: 
As well, we have a laundry line animated chore, and with the great 3D cloths that drape from it & a nice animation… Once you hear that it is just 1 prim, you’ll see why it is so great! 135L$ & Copyable.
I’ve also put out a special recolour of a few pieces – call it a sampler pack – of our Paper Lanterns kit!
These “Special” Lanterns are only available currently through the 30L$ Saturdays Midsummer Fair hunt – find our stall and heed our hint: ”Laundry dries best in full sun” and then these great items can be yours!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?