We’ll be tweaking our Marketplace more over the coming weeks to remove and add some keywords to make it easier for our customers to find what they’re looking for… But meanwhile, we’ve recently pushed through all our recent releases to ensure that 100% of our products are now available on the Marketplace!
That means that you’ll be able to find our great Rustic Kitchen Set and Rustic Dining Set that we released earlier this week, as well as the latest items we’re releasing tonight:
The Rustic Metal Chandelier & Rustic Cooking Hearth!
These two compliment our prior releases very well, and are both very low prim & versatile so they’ll work even with most existing set ups! Please remember all our items are copyable and mesh!
The Rustic Metal Chandelier is only 1 prim + 1 per additional chain you may choose to use to extend it down from your ceiling – it emits very subtle lighting and adds a great touch to any room!
The Rustic Cooking Hearth is 4 prims as linked, or 3 for the Hearth piece itself and 1 for the spit and pot if you choose to use them separately. 
You’re also able to see it at our main store inworld, directly West from the landing! Look for the giant “NEW” signs!
Hope to see you soon!

Written by Admin Cat

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