Hiyo everyone! I’m so sorry I havent been posting lately.. I’ve been -so- busy in real life with taking care of my grandmothers business, and in SecondLife too.
I’m also taking steps to further advertise the business. If you’re interested in seeing where (and feedback would be appreciated) we’ve been listed you can check the links below! =)
We’re also moving slowly on the building of the medieval kitchen. You’re probably thinking ‘servery’ but actually what we’re doing is transforming an entire section of our store into a medieval castle or large manor hour style kitchen. It’s going to be very large, and very detailed. We’re currently just fiddling with shapes, textures, and styling things. My boyfriend, codered1200 is a huge part in this project.
We were inspired by an image I found online on a historical site, and we are very inspired to make the most realistic and historically accurate one avaliable to our resources.
To get off the serious and realism track, we’re also making a water feature inside the same room.
It’s a bit crazy, but thats how I am. It’s going to be a large pond with a few skipping stones to walk across to an island on the far side, where there will be a ‘fountain’ of sorts stemming from our statue.
Regarding my absence, I must confirm. I have been away for about a week, and will be away for another 6 weeks. This isn’t to say I’m not here at all.. My avatar is 99% of the time logged on unless the sim goes down. I do frequently come back to check my notices, inventory, and IMs of course. Still, the most accurate way to contact me is via email, since we all know how reliable SecondLife is.
For a list of the sites we’re currently listed on…

I do not currently support OnRez but it is an open door for the future. Time is limiting though currently.
We would appreciate your support of the above listed websites, as we have found them to be very valuable resources in the times where “New” Search is frustrating and letting down many.
As always, feel free to IM us inworld or via email.. Comments are currently open and most welcome.

Written by Admin Cat

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