Velvet Antique Couch & Chair Set

It took me long enough! I’ve been slowly chipping away at how to handle some technical problems with this set for… a very long time.

But that is neither here nor there, what matters is it is done now. ♥

The [DDD] Antique Couch & Chair Living Set includes:
• 2 Land Impact per Chair
• 1 Land Impact per Solo Chair
• 2 Land Impact per Couch
• Copy & Mod
• All Original Mesh & Textures
• LOD & Materials Optimised
• Custom Low Lag Scripts
• 8 Velvets & 26 Accent Textures via HUD
• BOTH the Adult and PG Variants

Seats 2, solo poses can be mixed & matched with both sitters, and the cuddles & adult poses are synchronized. Security & Av Control Menu included.

Chair Animations:
• 30 + 5 Solo Seats
• 23 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 17 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, anal, doggy, cowgirl, and more.
Couch Animations:
• 26 + 20 Solo Seats
• 26 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 37 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, titfucking, anal, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and more!

Our cuddles are perfect for close and romantic time before, or TLC/aftercare, including several BENTO enabled cuddles. ♥

The retail price is 495L$ but group members can get a further 5% off as well as loyalty savings~

Any reviews left on the SL Marketplace listing for this item by April 3rd at 12pm SLT will receive 100L$ in in-world store credit to their account by April 5th.
If 5 or more reviews are left by April 3rd, one (1) reviewer will receive 500L$ in credit instead.

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xx Anke

Written by Admin Cat

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