Several users have commented that they feel like they can’t get their Garden Plots to look as nice as mine do… Perhaps proposing I do some voodoo magic?
Surely  not! I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how you can spruce up your Garden Plots!
Example 1:
Use our Gardenbeds Kit to place the Plots inside! Single Square or Circle ones, or using any combination of the other empty varieties gives you a clean and tidy look even in semi-urban environments. For bigger beds, use the smooshing technique below.
Example 2:
Slightly overlap the Plots so that there isn’t any type of gap between. All plots do look better if you smoosh them just slightly closer to eachother!
Example 3:
Surround them in fences! We have a few varieties, but these short and versatile Trellis Fences are my favorite. You can combine this with the above smooshing to get a vibrant and full garden.
Other ideas that aren’t pictured include adding pathways (we do have a free Rock Path for group members!), lighting (Trellis Lanterns are fabulous here!), or adding accessories like our Scarecrow, Sunflowers, or Tables.
I hope you manage to make the best garden possible and maybe found use in some of our tips!
Or perhaps take pictures of your gardens, and post them on our Flickr Group?

Written by Admin Cat

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