We’re back again in We Love Roleplay! This month with a special stall in the centre of the sim for easy access
Khan’s Keep Skybox is a gorgeous lavish castle themed skybox with two floors, 3 rooms, an indoor water feature, balcony, spiral staircase, optional torches, and courtyard.
It is open, airy, spacious, and large scaled for even our bigger friends to feel at home in this lovely keep.
You’ll need a 64x64m / 4096sqm plot with 133 available prims to house this set, but as many pieces are individual links, you may be able to play with this number if you’re so inclined.
We hope you’ll give this detailed piece a look over at this months We Love Rolepay event where it is 25% off, bringing the cost down to a meager 372L$ for such a huge skybox~
But hurry to stop by before it’s back to regular price!

Written by Admin Cat

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