It’s time for another round of everyones favorite event, We Love Roleplay!
We’re offering a well-requested rustic bridge with 3 texture options, as well as a low poly tree pack.
Each are a fair 25% off for this April round of We Love Roleplay, but are full price in the main store and will continue to be after the event ends.
Hopefully you can stop by before then for great discounts on loads of high quality wares.
Very pretty 15m long bridge~
3 texture options for 7 LI and just 207L$ (275L$ originally) after the 25% off.
5 highly versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and very low poly and low prim impact trees.
Guaranteed to be 100% original mesh, unlike quite a few other low poly tree options available currently~!
Each is just a mere 1 LE for 11m tall or 4 LI for 22m tall.
With an ambitious amount of options for a variety of barks and leaves, they’re sure to be a perfect fit for filler forests everywhere~
685L$ normally, after the 25% off they’re only 514L$ at this months We Love Roleplay!

Written by Admin Cat

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