It’s that time again! The magic day 4 (coming after the best number ever, 3!) of each month brings with us the awesome Role-Player oriented event, We Love Roleplay!
Now on the 5th round, it is still going strong and a favorite of all varieties of SLers.
One of my favorite events to help support RPers, we bring you two new offerings at the usual 25% off!
I even made you a shiny .gif of the braziers in action because photos just do NOT do our beautiful flames justice!
25% off each ~ 
295L$ Treehouse – 222L$
11 LI but can go down pretty low with just a bit of resizing, or the opposite.
Kool RP Door ready. 
Ladder sits you up top.
Foliage changes to the same as our trees – several Fall variants.
235L$ Lighting – 177L$
1 LI each.
Fully meshed flames.
Subtle light emissions.
Optional sound script included.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?