We Love Roleplay, the specialty medieval fantasy & more event which has been a favorite for everyone is starting a next round!
For this event, we’ve decided to do an indoors item versus all of the outdoorsy we have done ones so far… And well, it ended up being a few items that we put together in one fantastic set!
The Wooden Plank Living Set is a 4 piece set, totalling at 1 prim per chair, table, rug, and a mere 2 per couch. That is just 5 prims to have a whole set out & on display!
Each the chair & couch have a small selection of PG, singles animations. The couch also has several couples poses of a PG nature, as well!
But what sets this Living Set apart is the texture change capabilities! Each set can come in one of 10 colours, or mix & match! The cushions, pillows, rug, and blanket on the table all change individually from eachother giving you near endless possibilities.
We also opted to leave this set as Copy & Modify so that you may tint the parts if you need. HOWEVER, please note that resizing anything other than the rug can and will break the item. Please do not resize the couch, table, or chair.
This set is priced at an affordable 575L$ and has been marked 25% off for the duration of We Love Roleplay, leaving it at just 432L$ for the entire month of August if you buy it at the event!
Interested in checking it out now? A demoable (can change colours) version is set out at our main store, near the Gardenbeds.

Written by Admin Cat

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