Did you know our store started out of pure necessity? In 2006, there wasn’t much out there for the types of builds and items that Medi-Fantasy sims needed. 
I began building because I loved roleplaying, and since then it has evolved into so much more, now with other awesome people helping me keep it going!
Two years ago this month, we reopened our doors after a long year hiatus doing everything in 100% original mesh! Keep an eye out for a celebration of our anniversary in the coming weeks!
Meanwhile, in 2014 (holy cow, 8 years later!) there is LOTS of creators just like me, who LOVE roleplay and while I do very little of it myself, I enjoy seeing the beautiful sims you guys create. 
It is so inspiring to us, and encourages us to continue.
This month, over 50 of the best Medi-Fantasy roleplay creators are taking part in We Love Roleplay, an event which prioritises quality!
At 3pm today, the gates opened to over 100 fanatical customers eager to see all the wares.
We’re happy to say, that since the beginning of this event, we are still taking part of it!
Our offering this month is the “Fabric Shop”!
An item highly requested, we finally obliged!
A 7 piece set with several texture options for most pieces, as well as an animated stool, each item only comes in at 1 land impact (!!!)
The regular price for our quality set is 645L$, but it is 25% off during this months We Love Roleplay, ONLY at the event location!
I hope you’ll stop by and pick it up! It is a set that much love was put in to, and we are SO proud to offer it to you~
Anke, Kalia, & code

Written by Admin Cat

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