I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend if you were in the US, or at least a good one if not~
We Love Roleplay opened late this month to work around the holiday, which means it’s open now!
Our release is the all-new Wicker Living Set ♥
A huge multipiece set that includes all you need for your outdoor patio or indoor rustic living space. ♥
You’ll get:
Couch (2 land impact, seats 2)
Chair (2 land impact, seats 2)
Chair (1 land impact, seats 1)
Pot/Vase (1 land impact)
Planter with Tree (1 land impact)
Table (1 land impact)
Chest (1 land impact)
Throw Pillows (1 land impact per 2)

Each wicker piece has 4 texture options: Black, Beige, White, & Dark.

All fabric pieces can be individually tinted.

Tree gently sways~

All animations are quality and not from a prebuilt engine. You’ll get solo & couples PG cuddle menus.

It is physics, materials, and LOD optimised for the best quality.
This huge and detailed set is available for just 297L$ after the 25% off deal that is available only at this months round location~

Written by Admin Cat

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