Windswept Cattails

Happy FLF – and happy Earth day – friends! ♥

This week we have a new set of Windswept Cattails for you. These planar style cattails include:
•1 land impact each at default size
•Sway gently like they’re in a soft breeze
•3 Speeds via bottom row of HUD
•13 different mesh shapes for a versatile variety
•Sized 3-5m in height
•3m-14m in length
•Uses a HUD with 12 hand-drawn textures
•Materials enhanced
• Low lag custom scripting

You’ll find them for just 50L$ through Friday and Saturday only before they go to their normal full price of 195L$.

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An overview of the textures and speeds available on the HUD ♥
The variety of shapes and sizes included within the pack. The plywood is .5m x .5m x 10m to compare with.

Written by Admin Cat

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