Windtouched Tallgrasses

New today is our seasonal use ready Windtouched Grass Patches~

Includes 9 14 different mesh shapes:
•1 land impact
•Sway gently like they’re in a soft breeze
•3 Speeds via bottom row of HUD
•Features 13 assorted hue textures
•3 Preset Theme ? buttons for natural randomization
•Includes fresh growth, mixed, and late-season presets
•Materials enhanced for great looks when MASKED
•Click left of the name for BLEND (soft looks, alpha flicker)
• Click right of the name for MASK (no alpha flicker)
•Low lag custom scripting
•Seasonal, year-round use!
•Low polygon design optimized for filler
•Sized 2-5m in height

Included additionally are two SCULPTY model grasses:
•These DO NOT sway, but these DO change texture along with the rest.
•The (1) Land Impact version DOES NOT have materials and is only 1 LI for any size.
•The (2) Land Impact version DOES have materials and is only 2 LI for any size.


ADDED 12/27/2021:
•5 new “Fluffy” meshes:
•Tall (1) and Short (1) for single situations
•Strip (1) & Curve (2) options for privacy, edgers, or waterways
•3-5m in height, up to 9m wide
•New ad for this product displaying seasonality at a glance. I suck at photos.

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Written by Admin Cat

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