It’s that time! Home & Garden Expo officially opens at NOON SLT today!
Along with it, and our wonderful revised prices on a huge amount of our stock, we’re adding 6 all new and very awesome items!
I hope you’ll like them, and join us at the Home & Garden Expo today. If you can’t make it, don’t fret, the event runs until the 2nd of June! 
If, even still, the awesome is just too much for you – I’ll be making all of this content available shortly before or after the event ends as we move our main store to the ground area of our sim!
Without further ado… the new stuff! Remember, ALL of it is 100% original mesh!
* Paper Lanterns:
         – 10 textures available by menu including blue, pink, neutral, red, dark red, yellow, purple, green, aqua, and dark orange/black!
         – 10 pre-uploaded shapes such as a 2 prim 5-lantern string in either square or rounded, 2 singles with or without strings, and 4 trio (1 prim) varieties.
         – Copy & Modify!
* Grape Trellis:
         – 3 Textures of Wood Included
         – Just 1 prim at 2.5m tall!
         – Copy & Modify!
* Whimsy Wishing Well:
         – 5 Solo Animations or Unscripted Option
         – Lovely vines detailing
         – Only 3 prims!
         – Copyable
* Trellis Lanterns:
         – 4 Metal Tones available by menu including bronze, cast (black), silver, and gold.
         – Meager 1 prim each!
         – Version for wall mounted, single, and either hanging on a modified shepherds hook with ivy or without ivy.
         – Copyable

& Of course! Our two brand new exclusive for Relay for Life donation items:

* Cattails:
         – 1 prim count each at 1.5m tall
         – 2 textures included
         – Copy & Modify!
* Lily Pads
         – 6 Textures Included such as pink, blue, yellow, white & more
         – 2 LODs included so you can have up to a 6m in diameter cluster!
         – Copy & Modify!
Please remember anything which is also modify, if you scale it up in size it is almost guaranteed to go up in primcount, often significantly. We refine out products to work best at precisely the size we sell them at, and at times resizing a mere few percentages larger will increase primcount. 
We take no responsibility for this, our items are sold to be used as their original size, and modification is at the users risk. Furthermore, linking may also drastically affect counts, often not in beneficial manners.
Because our items are copyable, please rez a new one if you mess up an existing, or receive a redelivery from our redelivery terminal.
However, understand that due to the nature of the lack of API or interfacing with existing vendor systems, redeliveries are not possible for items purchased through the RFL vendors without prior contacting me within 3 weeks of purchase date.

Written by Admin Cat

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