I really do appreciate ALL of my customers – you’ve allowed this little store of ours to become such a big part of our lives & helping us grow to be bigger and better with your support~!
I know that inworld groups kind of suck due to the LL limitations, but I always take a special moment a few times a year to say THANK YOU to our group customers, and that time has arrived again!
Since setting out the Gardenbeds kit last month, I’ve really wanted to give out a little group freebie version for those who might want something simple to start with. So that is what we have here – a little yellow (daisy?) type flower inside the circle variety of flowerbed.
Please take note, this flower type isn’t available in the main pack, either! This is a group member only type thing.
I hope you’ll be able to use it & love it!
PS: Marketplace should be updated this weekend with all our recent releases on it! Sorry for the delay.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?