People have been questioning our freebies lately. We do have them, and they’re simple and 100% free to get.
Yes, yes.. There is a catch.
You must be in our group to get!
I know, it’s terrible and atrocious and sooooo much work.
I think it’s worth it. Theres a lot inside, mostly retired items.
I’ll list some below:
Gloomy Day Cloak & Hood
Sack of Candies & Sack with Nothing Inside
Tintable White Fuzzy Boots
1 Prim Books in 11 styles & Unique Textures

There is plenty more inside, you’ll just have to take a peek. Where can you get them? Look at my Gorean Hearth & Home, Main Store, or Voltai Mountain Marketplace locations.
At my main store you’ll have to look towards the giant “Dollfie” in the southwestern corner. She’s noticable, leaning against the wall. At the other locations look for the “Freebie” sign. Give them a click and follow the instructions!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?